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Eritrean Ministry of Defence

National African Language Resource Center (NALRC)

An Exhibition of Artwork by Eritrean Fighters
National Guidance Department

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Ancestral Tales
Teklay Zeweldy

Animal Farm -- ሕርሻ እንስሳ
George Orwell -- ጆርጅ ኦርወ�ል

Sophocles, translated by Haile Bokure

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Asmat Hagerna: Etymology of Christian and Islamic Names in Eritrea and Ethiopia
Captain Zeray Habtesellasie(Lawyer)

Beginner's Book of Letters
Information Department

Beyond Pardon
Charlotte M. Brahm, translated by Haile Bokure

Cover Cover Embroidered dress with blanket

Bibliotheca Abessinica: Studies Concerning the Languages, Literature and History of Abyssinia
Dr. Enno Littmann

Tega-Afwerki Abreha

Clothing and Accessories

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