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The Long Struggle of Eritrea
Edited by Lionel Cliffe and Basil Davidson

The Story of Ras Woldemikael
Yosef Isaac

Tigrinya Phrase Book
Leonardo Oriolo

Front Cover Tigrinya: Second Grade Cover

Tigrinya Proverbs
Department of Education

Tigrinya: Second Level
Eritrean People's Liberation Front(EPLF)

Traditional Tales of Eritrea
Haile Bokure

Book, Leather Case, Strap Front Cover

Tselot Menfest (A Small Book of Prayers in the Geez Language)

Two Lives: A True Story
Tiberih Tesfahuney

Venizitay Negaday - The Merchant of Venice
William Shakespeare - Translated by Uqbamicael Habtemariam

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Wake Up Hanna! Reintegration and Reconstruction Challenges for Post-War Eritrea
Amanuel Mehreteab

Women and the Eritrean Revolution
Amrit Wilson

Zara Yacob: Rationality of the Human Heart
Teodros Kiros

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