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A Comprehensive Tigrinya Grammar
Amanuel Sahle

A History of Tigrinya Literature in Eritrea
Ghirmai Negash

A Painful Season and A Stubborn Hope
Abeba Tesfagiorgis

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Ainfalale ይንፋላለ
Alemseged Tesfai

An Exhibition of Artwork by Eritrean Fighters
National Guidance Department

Ancestral Tales
Teklay Zeweldy

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Animal Farm -- ሕርሻ እንስሳ
George Orwell -- ጆርጅ ኦርወ�ል

Asmat Hagerna: Etymology of Christian and Islamic Names in Eritrea and Ethiopia
Captain Zeray Habtesellasie(Lawyer)

Beginner's Book of Letters
Information Department

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Concise English-Tigrinya Dictionary
Tuquabo Aressi

Hanna Ghebregziabhiher

Documents Tigrigna (Éthiopien Septentrional): Grammaire et Textes
Wolf Leslau

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