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Gimesh Isaac

Ancestral Tales
Teklay Zeweldy

Animal Farm -- ሕርሻ እንስሳ
George Orwell -- ጆርጅ ኦርወ�ል

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Beyond Pardon
Charlotte M. Brahm, translated by Haile Bokure

Tega-Afwerki Abreha

Haile Bizen

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Kibrom and Wachil

Kulu Halif, or The Laziest Man in the World -- ኩሉ ሓ�ልፍ, እቲ ካብ �ፃ�ለ�ም ሃካይ �ዝኾ�ነ

Let's Learn Through Laughing
Mesfun Ghebrehiuwet

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Love: Is it Blind or Rational?
Gimesh Isaac

Lover of Time, and Other Stories
Mikyel Berhe

Gebregziabiher Gayim

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